I have worked for the Danish distributor of Sunshine equipment (BR Electronics Aps) since 1984 and over the years I have serviced our customers whenever they had any technical problems with the equipment or software. Because I am solving the technical problems that our customers have with they programmers I have learned a lot about Sunshine programmers. Many of our customers use the latest IC's on the market and therefore I have heard of problems with programming before Sunshine got complains from other distributors. I have been in contact with Sunshine about 250-300 times during the past years, and it is some of that information I will try to put up on this page.
The information provided on this page is both from Sunshine and from e-mails I have got from people around the world. If you have solved a technical problem with your programmer or adapter/converter then you are free to e-mail me if you think that other people can use your information.


Q: I got an hardware error when starting the software that told me to run the H/W test. The H/W test 2 said that there was an TTL error on PIN 12. I then run the īSINGLE STEP TESTī and the TTL PIN 12 said error until I send a PULSE by pressing īSī and the error disappeared!!! I have not got the error message since the first time I send the pulse (it is like the Power-100 have repaired itself). But from time to time I have problems programming devices like eproms and FLASH (It will not program) but after running the H/W selftest 2 then there is no problem! It is one of the first models you sold us so there is no fan near the power supply.
A (by Sunshine): According to your description, our technician said it could be bad connection between top and bottom board at the position on Pin 12. The error could be occured by shaking the model,it has nothing to do with power supply.




I have no questions/answers about repairing PEP-01/04 yet.


Here is a repair-note I have received via E-mail:
The HEP-101 wouldn't program (read/verify OK) after trying to program a wrong type of chip. The chip got *very* hot and a burning smell from inside HEP-101 appeared. The file TESTHEP showed all voltages on textool pin 3 about 10% below spec. Traced textool pin 3 to pin 6 of resistor pack SIP3 (4 x 10ohms) on top board. I noted that it smelt bad and had a tiny buldge near pin 6. Removal and testing showed that the third resistor (pins 5 & 6) was bad (1.5K). I removed pins 5 & 6, soldered it back in and fitted a 10ohm resistor on the underside of the board instead. TESTHEP voltages are now OK and the programmer works fine!
Even though the case of my unit is marked HEP-101, the circuit boards inside are marked HEP-804.


Q: A resistor blew up after a session where I accidently used the incorrect programming voltage on an EW-701. The burnt resistor is on the circuit board which holds the eprom socket. The resistor is marked "R2" but I am unable to determine what the value should be.
A: The value is the same as R3,R4 and R5 which is RED,RED,BLACK (22 ohm).



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