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Last Updated 11.07.2000:
11. July 2000: JET-08 software added. 'Click on Old programmers'
12. Dec 1999: EML-2M software added. 'Click on Old programmers'
28. Jun 1999: Comprehensive information on EW-904B added. 'Click on EW-904B/910B'
25. May 1999: EW-901 software added
29. Dec 1998: EW-901BN/EW-904BN software updated
12. Nov 1998: ICT-302 software added
20.Sep 1998: EW-901B software added.
19.July 1998: Expro-60/80 software updated.
23. May 1997: EXPRO-60/80 & POWER-100 software minor update file added.

26. June 1998: SUNSHINE HAVE CLOSED! Please read further down.

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This site is for people who have an Eprom programmer / Universal programmer & Tester from SUNSHINE Electronics co. Ltd., Taiwan (There is also a company in USA named Sunshine but this company have nothing to do with Sunshine, Taiwan).
You will always be able to find the latest software version for different programmers but because Sunshine have closed, the software will NOT be updated anymore. This site is mainly for people in Denmark and I do not represent Sunshine Electronics ltd. in any way. I do not perform any service so if you have any problems with your programmer please contact your Sunshine agent (You may try to e-mail me, but I cannot promise that I can help you).

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Programmer identification. If you are not sure what (eprom) programmer you have
Questions and Answers about Sunshine programmers
Tips for how you maybe can repair your programmer
Schematic diagrams
Source code
Manual for Expro-60/80 and Power-100
Error messages
Information about Sunshine and Year 2000 problem

The final note from Sunshine:


Dear Sirs,

You may aware Sunshine Electronics haven't updated the software for all the products for quite a long time. We feel terribly sorry for not being able to offer you a satisfactory after-service. At the end of the financial year, we considered it could be the time for us to terminate our business in electronic field. In other words, effect from now, we shall no longer accept any further order and will stop correspondence from July, 1998.

Appreciate your understanding and wish your business prosperous.

Very truly yours,
Sunshine Electronics Co.,Ltd.
James Huang

Dec.29, 1998

From time to time people are asking me what programmer I can recommend instead of Sunshine and until now I have only recommended Hi-Lo systems because of the price/quality.
But on the Germany 'Electronica '98 mess' my boss came in contact with another company from Taiwan called Advantech.
After I have tried Advantech's LABTOOL-48 programmer I must say that I am very surprised. The quality seems to be very good. LABTOOL-48 is faster than ALL-11 from Hi-Lo and the price is the same or lower than ALL-11 and it have a 48-pins socket compared to ALL-11's 40-pins.
But the most surprising is that you DON'T NEED ANY ADAPTER to program normal DIL IC's. All socket pins can be changed to Vpp/GND/data/address ... you name it. You only need 7-8 converters if you want to program IC's in another package like PLCC, QFP, TSOP ...etc. and then you are able to program the most IC's in the world (if they are supported by the software and have no more than 48-pins. 68/84/100-pins IC's need adapters). I think that Advantech is brilliant because you do not need any adapters for programming DIL IC's, but on the other hand, Hi-Lo systems have a swap program, which means that Hi-Lo buy your old programmer if you buy an ALL-11 programmer.

Advantech Equipment homepage:

Hi-Lo systems homepage:

I have given you at least 2 different programmers to choose from and I have personally tried them both. If you have any questions about the use of them or just want my opinion on something then you are free to e-mail me

Best regards, Robert

Do you have any problems with the software (installation or use), then you can contact me at: My name is Robert. Please remember to use a valid e-mail address. If you do not get a reply within a few days then it is because I cannot contact you with the e-mail address you have provided me.

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