Comments on Magma’s visit to the Danish Multimusic festival in Silkeborg July 1977.

The concert was originally not on Magma’s schedule, but they were passing Jutland (a part of Denmark) and were asked to play.

Magma played one concert (22.7) but participated in several jamsessions, since their next concert in Copenhagen was 3 days ahead, and the sun was shining.

Magma were: Christian Vander, Klaus Blasquiz, Stella Vander, Benoit Widemann, Clement Bailly (dr, keys, voc), Jean de Antony (guit), Guy Delacroix (bass), Florence Berthauld (voc), Lisa Bois (voc). See the Photo and the interview

I have at tape from this concert were the tunes are: a long exciting intro (variation of Emehnteht-Re), Hhai, De Futura and Zombies. The tape is only 45 minutes and I am sure the concert must have been longer.

There were persistant rumours that Vander and other members of Magma jammed with danish folkmusicians in the evening, and there were rumours that (both)Vander’s and Bailly played a smallscale version of Köhntarköz for drums, singing and piano, on a local pub between 3 and 4 in the morning,

It is (hereunder visually) documented that Vander, Wiedemann and Bailly jammed with a danish "jazz-influenced" band called "Hos Anna" (It means: At Anna’s). The female bassplayer (Lotte Rømer) announced: There is a young man over here that wants to play moog with us", and later - "and now there is a young man who wants to play the drums with us." The reason for this understated introduction was that "Hos Anna" had never heard about Magma before. The event was given the name "Hos Magma".

It was said to have been a tremendous session. The Magma team really made the tunes of "Hos Anna" sparkle. Due to the jazz-origin of the tunes they were easy to jam over. But it was reported (and we Magma-fans must sincerely revolt !) that Vander in the beginning had a few difficulties in playing a tune that went in 5/4 (rythm), until the saxophone player Hanne Rømer had beaten the rythm on a cow bell (this must of course be viscious slander ! :-) ). The tune gradually transformed into "In a silent way" by Miles Davis, and most of the danish musicians except the bassplayer, fell of the train. It ended as a jam between the Magma team and Lotte Rømer.

(Photo by Riita Oksanen)

Read also the interview with Christian Vander and Klaus Blasquiz made at the festival.

This was based on a report made by Jens Jørgen Gjedsted for the former danish music magazine MM august/september 1977.
Adapted, translated and arranged by 1998.
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