These 3 pages are not meant to be another Magma site, but here you can find a danish interview from 1977 translated into english, a short review of Magma's actions at a danish 3-day music festival in 1977, and links to the best other Magma resources on the internet (there are surprisingly many). The links all provide good but slightly different information on this and related topics.

Seventh records -
The company that produces and sells the music of Magma. - MAGMA 's official myspace page" (videos etc.)

Small Movieclip from the film "Moi Y´en Vouloir Des Sous" by Jean Yanne. Recorded 1973, wherein Magma appears for about 3 minutes: Download mwa 1,5mb (Mouse rightclick and save)

3 small videoclips from a french gig in 1977. These clips really gives an idea of the greatness of this band.
De futura 1 1,2 mb
De futura 2 1,7 mb
MDK 1,1 mb

A videoclip (2:40 minutes QuickTime) from the Christian Vander documentary 'Un homme, une batterie' - re-edited 2003, Good quality.

A videoclip/feature (8 minutes QuickTime) around the London 2000 gig, small interviews with many of the musicians who played in Magma in the 70'ties. Magma London 2000 - Good quality.

A videoclip (2:40 minutes QuickTime) from the famous Trianon gig 2000, Magma plays MDK - Good quality.

Extended version of the tune 'Zombies' recorded in Orleans 22.6.77 - as mp3, cut into 4 parts. Download here: 1 - 2 -3 - 4. (sized from 2,5 - 4,5 mb)

Watch the French TV program on Shockwave Flash here.

Recent photos:

PAGES IN ENGLISH: - Kohntarkosz - The Blog for Magma and Zeuhl Music - Great blog !!

Join the list dedicated to Christian Vander and Magma:

Jerome Schmidt & Jeremy Huylebroeck's Magma pages -
(In my opinion the best allround site, needs some updating though - last updated 1998)

Avant-progressive -
A discussion group for music that falls into the categories of "avant progressive" rock; R.I.O [rock in opposition], Zeuhl, and other sub-categories. - updated almost daily. Search for Magma

Long interview with Christian Vander (February 2002) made by another fantastic drummer Morgan Ågren of Mats/Morgan.Go to: or directly to

Zeuhl Music Magazine (oktober 2003)


Drummers world:

Yuri Jossa's Magma pages - - updated 1999

Minsu Jang's Magma pages - updated 2002

Perfect sound forever's Magma Page - - maybe not updated since 1995

Pure Kobaian insanity - if you take the Magma universe very serious, this might probably not be the website for you - one could easily argue that this website hasn't got much to do with the music of Magma:

A MySpace fan-site with some very nice tunes/clips online:


A magazine:

Another list only in french: - as the URL says: Univeria sekt - yet another french site: Le site web du Journal Kobaïen - News from Kobaïa.

By Jacques GUITON in French:

Les Ordonnateurs du Rituel Koba´en (in french) - - seems to be closed now

Olivier Jouan's Magma Pages (in french): - maybe not updated since 1998

Stella Vander website: - updated 2000, still only in french

Denis DESASSIS Magmasite. or - same site.
Lots of pressarticles from 69 and up (including the one on this site) , most in french.

Another French site:

Yet another site: - check out the photos !

Zeuhl Info - Bienvenue sur ce site consacRE
à lamusique de Magma et DE Christian Vander - In French as you might guess

Le Forum de - Forum in French

GERMAN/POLISH. Also on other Zeuhl bands:

PAGE IN JAPANESE (some in english):


Jannick Tops website

Jannick Tops website Utopic Records - albums with Magma-music to purchase...

The producer of this page incidentally happens to like the music of Magma.

Graphic: Jesper Petersen

Magma in Moscow
Flyer advertizing Magma in Moscow
Sent by Alexander Rasskazov