The program that makes web pages of your ancestors and other persons.

Pages that your readers will find fast, informative, nice-looking and easy to search!

You take a GEDCOM file out of your genealogy program, and with Ahne2Web you make web pages without any knowledge of html or other technicalities.
You publish your pages by uploading them to the site that belongs to your Internet subscription.

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Download the program     Including User's Guide and example, total ca 1600 kB.

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Why use Ahne2Web?

Our readers on the Internet are willing to admire our collections - but not for too long time.
Their aim is to answer the question: Do we have any people in common?
And it should not take the whole evening.

WWW is often translated to World Wide Wait.
That waiting happens too often, so Ahne2Web makes pages that download fast.
No ornament, gags or animated pictures.
Ahne2Web makes pages of a reasonable size, so the readers don't need to download another page too often.
The text is shown immediately, so the reader can start reading before downloading is finished.

Ahne2Web displays all persons with 'who, when, what and where':

                                    John Brown (1801 - 1864)
                                    Farmer in Smalltown

This is informative for the readers and lets them identify people immediately.
They have no use of seeing some John Brown who is not identified with name and years, occupation and place of residence. Without this information noone can tell if he is 'the right one' or not.

Ahne2Web creates a well-arranged hierarchy of pages, each page being simple and easy to grasp.
The number of pages can be adjusted for small or large colletions.
The surname index displays the number of people for each surname, so the reader will not be disappointed when finding only one single Cavaradossi.
The name indexes are simple - not divided into a strange hierarchy of unknown depth.
People are sorted alphabetically, ready for the browsers search function.
No fuss with the single page per family and links between pages as found in our genealogy programs - That's far too slow on the Internet.
The reader will receive the family relations when you send a CEDCOM file.
Index of place names shows persons for each placename. Ahne2Web has many tools for trimming your placenames, and you can limit the list to placenames with many persons.

Ahne2Web creates two formats for the ahnentafel (ancestry table).
The graphical ahnentafel is designed to display up to 8 generations: 255 people on one screen - with name, years, occupation and place for each of them.
So much information in such a small area cannot be found anywhere else.
The simple ahnentafel displays all ancestors by generation, numbered by Kekule von Stradonitz's system. The reader need not waste time on multiplying and dividing numbers by 2 - we have machines for that: Ahne2Web creates links between parents and children. In case of repeated ancestors (due to a cousin-marriage) the common parents are shown at one place only - with links to all the relevant children.

The descendants table (new in version 6) is also graphic and easy to overview.

Ahne2Web creates nice-looking pages - at least according to my taste  ;-)
You decide the colours, and if you want more ornament or even bells and whistles, then you can edit the pages in a html-editor.

Of course Ahne2Web is a user-friendly program and easy to grasp, for you are hardly going to use it every day.
The program 'speaks' english, but introduction and User's Guide are available in Danish too.
Translators to other languages are welcome to contact me.


Ahne2Web installation is simple and manual:
  - Create a folder for the program, e.g. Ahne2Web under 'C:\program files'.
  - Click 'Download program' above, and have the file Ahne2Web.zip placed in the new folder.
  - Open that folder and double-click Ahne2Web.zip.
  - Now WinZip will decompress the file, don't forget to check 'Use folder names'.
  - Place the result in the same folder.
  - Now you can make a shortcut to Ahne2Web.exe and place it in your Start menu,
  - or you can open the folder and double-click Ahne2Web.exe
If you haven't got WinZip (that compresses files to less than half size), you can download it from the net.
Ahne2Web will run under Windows-versions from 3.x and up. It requires 1.1 MB on the disk.


Ahne2Web is a commercial product, developed by a professional computer scientist, and several man-months have been spent developing and perfecting it.
Downloading and testing are free.
When you are finished and publish your pages on the net,  please pay me either of: and send me an e-mail with the URL (Internet address) of your mainpage.

Please no foreign checks: My bank's fees will eat them up.
Your bank will also profit, no matter what way you choose, but there is nothing I can do about that  :-(


First read the User's Guide. You open it with the button 'Open User's Guide' on the front page, entitled 'Information'.
If it doesn't help, do contact me: steen.thomsen YouKnowWhat mail.danbbs.dk
Ideas for new functions are wellcome - of course.


Version 6: Version 5: Version 4a: Version 4:

The history

Having spent several evenings in 1998 and '99 surfing other genealogist's websites and creating my own by hand, I realized that there must be a market for a good tool. Already in '97 I had developed the design of the graphical ahnentafel using Paintbrush and a lot of mouse work.
Articles in the danish periodicals 'Slægt og Data' (Family and Data) and discussions in the newsgroup news://dk.historie.genealogi also showed the usability of a tool.
Programming began in Spring 2000 and version 2 went into beta testing Jan 2001. Version 3 is published Jun 2001. Version 4 is published Aug 2001. Version 5 is published jan 2004. Version 6 is published nov 2006.

The author

Born 1948.
I have written programs since 1966, and have a Masters degree (cand scient) in computing.
I like the principle KISS = Keep It Simple and Stupid!
I have been doing genealogical research since 1990 and written several articles in Danish.

Have fun with Ahne2Web!

Steen Thomsen
Published on WWW nov 2006.
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