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Year 2000 compliancy document:

I don't have a special document, but the programmers will work after year 2000. (This is the short version).

You probably have already heard about the year 2000 problem (Y2k) so I will not tire you with details about the problem, but just tell you that some software/hardware is only using 2 digits (99) to represent the year instead of the normal 4 digits (1999). Then the problem occur when we change from 99 to 00 (instead of 1999 to 2000), because the hardware/software cannot handle 00 or handle the change from 99 to 00.

Sunshine software:

The software is not using any date function which could cause problems.
I have not found any problems when testing for Y2k but I have not tested all Sunshine software.

Tested software: I am pretty sure that the rest of the Sunshine programmers software will work too because they do not need the date.

Sunshine hardware:

The problem with the hardware is the integrated circuits (IC) inside the programmer which can cause problems. The old programmers use some Peripheral Interface Adapters (PIA's) like uPD8255AC-2 (8080 microprocessor family) and MC6821P (6800 microprocessor family) and I don't know what will happen in year 2000 but probably nothing. I cannot figure out what should happen because the PIA's do not need to know or do calculations with the date.
The newer programmers like Power-100, Expro-60/80, Hep-801/804/808 and Pep-01/04 do not contain any CPU's inside the programmer and the most advanced IC's used is some PAL's, so there cannot be any problems.

Sunshine programmers with CPU:

JET-01/08: This programmer is a high speed PORTABLE programmer with no connection to a PC. This programmer do not know what the time/date is, so JET-01/08 WILL work in the new millennium.

TOP-2000W: This programmer can have a problem but I am not sure how many Sunshine actually have sold, but it must be less than 10 pcs. TOP-2000W download page is identical to Hi-Lo's ALL-11 so you have to check Hi-Lo's web site to see if there is a problem or ask Hi-Lo systems.

If you have anything to add or have a comment to the above then please e-mail me.

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