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What about schematic diagrams?

Sorry, but I cannot help you. It have never been possible for me to get any schematic diagrams (or source code) for Sunshine programmers, not even the old ones. It have always been Sunshine politics not to give away such information.

- BUT I have received a few schematic diagrams for adapters and the YES key on Power-100 from Sunshine:

YES key on Power-100

The 'yes' key diagram for the middle board is shown below. Please open the upper cover. Use an oscillator to measure U5 (74HC244)'s pin 17. The normal is when key is not pressed, it is HIGH logic; and LOW logic when pressed. If it is not so, then the key may be faulty. Use soldering gun to get it off and tell with a voltmeter.

Diagram for the yes-key on Power-100
Diagram made by Sunshine

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