Download manual for EW-70x Eprom programmer:


(Thanks to Marco Paolini for the scanning)

Download manual for Expro-60/80 and Power-100:

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 fileExpro_m.pdf - 4.8 MBytes

  1. The manual is scanned "as it is". I have not made any corrections to the scanned pages so when a page looks wrong, then it is not due to a bad scan, but because the manual looks like that.

  2. I have chosen to use Adobe Acrobat to distribute this manual because it is difficult to scan Sunshine manuals with OCR software. I get too many errors which will take too long time to correct

  3. I have not scanned other manuals for Sunshine programmers because: 1) This is the best manual I have seen from Sunshine. 2) The other programmer manuals are not very informative (very thin).

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