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The software do not work on my Pentium IIII 800MHz MMX-GST-TURBO computer

There is NO solution! You cannot run the software on Pentium II or Pentium above 233 MHz computers because the software is developed a few years ago when we all had 486 computers. You will get a 'runtime error - divide by 0' message. (caused by bad programming; using loops instead of a timer or something like that).

Expro-60/80 only:
If you get the 'runtime error' when using software V8.40 then try to use the V1.50 software instead as your only software (Normally I tell people to use both V8.40 and V1.50 software).

Too fast a computer: Error is: "Runtime error - divide by 0"
Printerport or other settings: Error is: "Communication error"

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