Veith Wolbrandt Band - Live in Stuttgart 08.01.04, Club Arigato

Stef Brand - Drums, Klaus Mohr - Bass, Peter Wolbrandt - Guitar/Vocal
Pictures taken by Fred Bauer - click on the photos to see a larger version.

Fred Bauer's short review: outstanding evening performance! They played 4 times half a hour and we had a lot of fun with
Degado, Bandits in the Woods, Flyday, Rund um die Uhr and many improvistations.......

A short excerpt of the end of 'Rund um die uhr' here as quicktime formate (.MOV - 12 mb as download)

Veith Wolbrandt PosterVeith Wolbrandt  bandVeith Wolbrandt  bandVeith Wolbrandt  band

Veith Wolbrandt  bandVeith Wolbrandt  band