Kraan: Let it out
on Passport records 1976 PPSD-98015
Recorded in Wintrup 1975.

  • Bandits in the Woods*
  • Luftpost*
  • Degado*
  • Prima Klima*
  • Let it Out*
  • Die Maschine
  • Heimweh nach Übersee
  • Picnic International

*Remixed in july 1976 by Jeffrey Kawalek & Marty Scott at the House of Music, West orange , n.j.

Webmaster Michael Bohns impressions of the difference between the european release and the american:

The main difference between my LP and the CD-copy of the Passport release of 'Let it out' I have, is that the mixers has been thinking more in rockterms than in 'jazz' terms (whatever jazz means - this isn't Louis Armstrong). I think it could be described as more 'stage'ish as opposed to intime.
The sound is less dry, there is more ambience around the voices. The overall sound is a bit more homogenous, but then details have become less prominent.
One of the clear differences is a different tonal balance. A little more bassvolume and a little less prominent drums.
This difference could perhaps be due to the fact that I compare an LP (through grammophone, pickup, RIA stage) with a burned cd (cd-player -> pc -> burner -> my cd'player) - so multiple factors could account for this difference.

The most dramatic differences are on the tune 'Let it out'. It has 'lost' the intro, starts right-on with the 'riff', and the voices and the guitar tracks has clearly been remixed. Voices has been added more ambience, Peter Wolbrandts guitar has got much more reverb/ambience and is much less dry than the european Conny Planck mix.
It makes the impression more 'rockmusic-like' as opposed to 'jazzlike' which I think suites this tune. On the drawback side: some of Peters more jazzy 'vignettes' that usually appears in 2 breaks, has been lowered in volume so they are hardly noticable, this irritates me a little.
It seems that the remixing-staff has put most effort into this tune, maybe this was the tune they liked the most, or thought had the greatest potential somehow.
I dont know the reasons behind the desicion of remixing the album, or who took it - this remains to be cleared up.

The differences between the european and the american version are not so big, that it changes the music, and I dont think you should brake an arm to get both versions. But it's interesting what a mix can do, so if you find it second hand to a reasonable price, it might be fun checking it out. Interesting what EMI chooses to do with the cd-rerelase.

The cd was kindly provided by Achim Helge Winkelmeier (Germany).