Kraan: Let it out
on Passport records 1976 PPSD-98015 sub-published by Venerable Music Inc. (ASCAP)

  • Bandits in the Woods*
  • Luftpost*
  • Degado*
  • Prima Klima*
  • Let it Out*
  • Die Maschine
  • Overseas bound (originally: Heimweh nach Übersee)
  • Picnic International

Recorded in Wintrup 1975. - *Remixed in july 1976 by Jeffrey Kawalek & Marty Scott at the House of Music, West orange , n.j.

Webmaster Michael Bohns impressions of the difference between the european release and the american:

The main difference between my LP and the CD-copy of the Passport release of 'Let it out' I have, is that the soundtechnicians have been thinking more in rockterms than in 'jazz' terms (whatever jazz means - this isn't Louis Armstrong anyway). I believe the feeling of it could be described as more 'stage'ish as opposed to intime.
The sound is less dry, there is more ambience around the voices. The overall sound is a bit more homogenous, but then again details have become less prominent.
One of the clear differences is a different tonal balance. A little more bassvolume and a little less prominent drums.
This difference could perhaps be due to the fact that I compare an LP (through grammophone, pickup, RIA stage) with a burned cd (cd-player -> pc -> burner -> my cd'player) - so multiple factors could account for this difference.

The most obvious differences are noticable on the tune 'Let it out'. It has 'lost' the intro, starts right-on with the 'riff', and the voices and the guitar tracks has clearly been remixed. Voices has been added more ambience, and even echoe (sounds a bit strange) , Peter Wolbrandts guitar has got much more reverb/ambience and is much less dry than the european Conny Planck mix.
It makes the impression more 'rockmusic-like' as opposed to 'jazzlike' which I think suites this tune to some degree. On the drawback side: one of Peters more jazzy 'vignettes' that usually appears in a break, has been lowered in volume so it's hardly noticable. Then again In the break before, you can suddenly hear another you could'nt hear at all in Conny Plancks mix.
It seems that the remixing-staff has put most effort into this tune, maybe this was the tune they liked the most, or thought had the greatest potential somehow.
I dont know the reasons behind the desicion of remixing the album, or who took it - this remains to be cleared up.

The differences between the european and the american version are not so big, that it changes the music, and I dont think you should brake an arm to get both versions. But it's interesting what a mix can do, so if you find it second hand to a reasonable price, it might be fun checking it out. Interesting what EMI chooses to do with the cd-rerelase.

The cd was kindly provided by Achim Helge Winkelmeier (Germany).