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This website is about the German rock/jazz/fusion band KRAAN.

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  • 26.08.20

    • An interesting feature on 'Sandglass' (CD only) is on the track Moonshine Of Sunflowers: a keyboard-part is played by the late Ingo Bischof.
      Hellmut says: "Ingo played these few chords for me years ago, but i never used them. When i rediscovered them on my library i sent the files to peter and jan - and now he‘s with us together again on this tune. a bit spooky but great!"


  • 17. july 2020
  • 22. May 2020

    • The KRAAN "Finkenbach Festival 2005" Double LP will be released on June 20, 2020! (Rightclick on fotos to see larger version)

      NB - Hellmut says: this album was ment to be an exclusive/limited vinyl edition (600 pieces) specially for the „record store day“ in april - which, of course, didn’t take place. the event was shifted two times from april to july, then again to „autumn“ - so we decided to release it ourselves. the „RSD" only offers vinyl, so no CD planned for this album. it is, btw, the concert that was an additional DVD for the first issue of „psychedelic man“ and later released (with additional two tracks) as a digital/streaming album.

    • Even better news from Hellmut: "during the heavy lockdown overhere we killed some time and recorded a new KRAAN album (sending the sound files around from place to place until the tracks were complete). it is about to be mixed these days and probably put out for our 50th birthday jubilee next year."

  • 24. March 2020

  • 09. December
  • 05. December

    • New concert dates for Kraan, Hattler & SIYOU’n’HELL.

    • Kraans very first concert poster - 1971.

      Erna Schmidt mentioned on the poster also lived at Wintrup for a period of time.

  • 11. November

    • "33 Year-Old C64 Game Saved From Vinyl"

      On the Hattler/Fride vinyl album Heartware 1986, there was a computergame !

  • 10.november

    Minor errors regarding the links on this page fixed.

  • 07. November -

  • 14. Oktober 2019

  • 9. July

    Coming Kraan concerts:

    New Kraan concert dates

  • 12. oktober 2018

    • First German review of the new album Kraan 'The Trio Years' Read here (image in a new window)
    • One more: double release day article (SÜDWEST PRESSE) Read here (image in a new window)

    • Listen:



  • 16. august 2018

    • October 12, 2018 will be the date for a double release:

      1: KRAAN live album "The Trio Years“ (CD and 2LP)
      2: HATTLER „Velocity“ (new studio album)

    • Kraan at Finkenbach 2018
      Finkenbach 2018

      Set list

      Andy Nogger 4:28
      Club 20 6:06
      Jerk of Life 4:43
      Holiday am Marterhorn 9:43
      Hallo Ja Ja, I Don't Know 3:38
      Dinner for Two 2:02
      Wintruper Echo 6:25
      Let It Out 7:58
      Borgward 15:20
      Nam Nam [with Rund um die Uhr, Wiederhören, Sarah's Ritt durch den Schwarzwald] 18:46

      Total 1:19:08

      More photos here (Bottom of the page)

    • New concerts with Kraan, Hattler & SIYOU’n’HELL

Diamonds 2010
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