Soloprojects and other appearances:

  • Jan Fride: Released an album only as MC in 1984 on Transmitter Records:

    "It was a 4-track homerecording tape witch I did with my girlfriend willa (she played guitar and performed some lyrics also) I played the drums and bass and tryed to perform some lyrics. 100 copys of this, and that was it."

    "I have to say that I don`t like that tape by myself very much, and so i'm not interested to make it public again".  

Johannes Pappert: Alto Spiegeleier /Intercord LP
  • Beautiful life
  • Remember
  • The world
  • Winter
  • communication
  • Walk on
  • Driftin
  • Baby
  • Saxomanie
  • When desmond getz grazy

Recorded 1977
released 1978.
Peter, Hellmut, Jan &:
Meier (on the cover): vocal,
Micki Sticky Dorn: drums,
Wofgang Grasekamp: keyb.
Andy Göldner: vocals,
Lou Marignan: Bass,
Bernd Kiefer: Bass,
Zabba Lindner: drums,

Johannes Pappert: Happy Ambrosia Intercord Int 145.608
  • Dark Veils
  • She Knows It's Gone
  • Happy Ambrosia
  • New Mornin'
  • Nanga Parbat
  • Communication '79
  • Outside
  • Psychodelic Island
  • Flowers In The Garden
  • Fiery Orbits
Recorded 1980
Ellen Meier Voc
Johannes Pappert Sax & Perc
George Kochbeck Key & Voc
Heinz Gembus Fenderbass
Micky Stickdorn Dr, Perc & Voice

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Peter Wolbrandt: So weit. Unknown records Le 7954.
  • Dreamdrive
  • Cant stand it
  • SWF
  • Musik in the rain
  • Dark drivers
  • Rubberman
  • Andersson
  • Twilight
  • So weit
Released in very small quantities (1000) , recorded in Wintrup mixed by Conny Planck.
Peter plays most of the instruments himself, but has help on some tunes by
Hattler, Fride, Pappert & Gerald Hartwig -bass, Andy Göldner- vocals.
9 tunes, alltogether lasting 35 minutes.
Peter Wolbrandt: Under An1x    
  • SevenCorner Session mit Wolfgang Grasekamp
  • Under An1X
  • Old Devil Moon Drums, Samples: Jan Wolbrandt
  • Mume Moren
  • Der neue Opel
  • Der lange Mark
  • Sie war tanzen
  • Talking House Drums, Samples: Jan Wolbrandt
  • Ohne Titel Drums,Samples: Jan Wolbrandt
  • Monika komm runter
  • Enohpipe

11 Tracks - 60 min. "Technomusic"

Alle Tracks 1998-99 mit Yamahas An1x in Sontheim Germany aufgenommen.

Peters website gives a little information about both albums, and a possibility to get a copy.


Harvest 1C 064-32 523
Intercord CD: IRS 986.926
  • Sunday Walk
  • Wenn die Kraaniche zieh'n
    ( later version recorded on Kraan: Soul of stone 1983 )
  • Penguins on Broadway
  • Bassball
  • How and Why
  • My U.S.Aunt
  • Mutabor
  • Tojours Too Sure
Recorded 1977.
Hellmut Hattler : bass
with a. o.
Ingo Bischof : keys
Curt Cress : drums
Jan Fride : drums

CD cover

With Guru Guru: (Guru Guru Website here)

  • Guru Guru, Mani & seine Freunde 1975 LP - Hattler, Wolbrandt, Fride and Bischof
  • Globetrotter 1977 LP - Hattler and Bischof .
  • Hey du 1979 - Brain 60.187 LP (Guru Guru Sun Band) - Hattler & Bishof.
  • Mani in Germani 1981 - GeeBeeDee 008 LP - Hattler & Bishof
  • Mani Neumeier: Neumeier's Neue Abenteuer 1983 LP - BI 6190 - Peter Wolbrandt
  • Privat (19 93) - Jan Fride - Drums

With Others:
  • Highdelberg 1975 - Happy Bird 5017 LP - Hattler, Fride and Wolbrandt (Project by Ax Genrich from Guru Guru, with Mani Neumeier and Moebius & Rodelius).
  • Peter Bursch und die Bröselmaschine (1975) - Xenophon 161.012 - Jan Fride - Drums
  • Release Music Orchestra - Garuda (1975) Brain 1072 - Pappert - SAX
  • Lilienthal (1978 ) - Brain 60.117 LP - Hattler and Pappert .
  • Andy Göldner's first album - Wolbrandt & Fride (missing data)
  • Carsten Bohn`s Bandstand - Humor Rumor (1978) - ERL 2007- Wolbrandt-Guitar
  • Alex Oriental Experience - Studio Tapes 76-78 (1978) - . Wiska Records (F 669.369 A) - Alex Wiska (Saz), in Köln (Cologne) also known as TurkRock Alex, Jaki Liebezeit (from Can-Drums) & Hellmut Hattler (Bass on 3 tunes ). (As Guest contributed Rokko Kwaku Bah, Gerd Dudek, Zeus B, Held, Manfred von Bohr.This contact came probably trough the record company EMI, for wich Hellmut was recording his Bassball album about that time.
  • ES-Wham Bang - (1978) Fran L-00309 - Pappert - SAX
  • Mickey D's Unicorn (1979) - IC58.064 LP- Hattler & Fride.
  • Muck Grohbian Muckefuck" - INT 148412 (1979) - Alto Pappert appeared on four tunes of this jazz- rock album . Front Cover 51 kb    Back Cover 98kb ( fantastic %¤@?! )
  • "Abgelehnt" from 1985 ( Teldec Import Service H 121301 TV ) - On this sampler there are the tunes "Alles steht Kopf" by Fehlfarben with Hellmut Hattler and "Junk" by Hellmut Hattler with Andy Göldner. Front Cover 96 kb    Back Cover 69 kb
  • Bass Talk Vol.1 - 1991 (1989?) on Hot Wire Records (sampler). With two pieces from Hellmut Hattler. The first one is Four Miles to Ulm ( like on the first Tab Two CD). The second track is specially recorded for this Sampler, featuring Alto Pappert & Frank Diez (1991) .Webpage
  • Roland Schaeffer (from Guru Guru) - Und die Dadadogs (1982) - Biber 6070 - Jan Fride - Dr
  • Thomas Schwebel & Fehlfarben: Popmusik + Hundezucht, (recorded 1984 , released 1992 Distributor : EFA 80022-2 ; Label :D.D.R. LC 7483) - Helmutt Hattler - Bass.
  • BASS-TALK IV - 1996 : WHO´S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD BASS? VARIOUS ARTISTS EFA CD 12822-2 - Hellmut Hattler a.o.- .Webpage

  • Torsten de Winkel: Mastertouch 1985 (veraBra records nr.12) - Hellmut Hattler
    with Mike Brecker, Billy Cobham, Alphonse Mouzon, Joachim Kühn, Ernie Watts a.o.

    Hellmut Hattler plays only on "Sara's Touch" and "Lilo & Max". "Lilo & Max" is a Hattler composition wich later (in 1989) was released by KRAAN under the title "Polarity" on the Dancing in the Shade album.


1.release*:Vielklang Musikproduktion VM 308603 distribution T.I.M.E
2.release: EFA LP: 04240
  • Likkle Lovin'
  • Set my Heart on Fire
  • Talking to tyhe City#
  • Jungle
  • Don't let it down#
  • Don't Ding#
  • Desert

also including some C64 software for Tv-games.

*1 release: Different cover, some tunes with # different mix, and without the C64 software.

Heartware Maxi - CD
(1986) - Set my Heart on Fire (including Bonustrack) -Vielklang 128601

P 1986. Recorded in Ulm.
Hellmut Hattler : 6 & 8 string basses, Keys, backing vocals, guitar, drumprogr.
Jan Fride : vocal, drums,percussion
Peter Wolbrandt: Guit.
Joo Kraus: Horns

Udo Dahmen: Drumprog
Thomas Glantz: Keyb.
Martin Schwebel: Drumprog.
Oliver Klammt: Keyb.
Peter Thomas Bauerlein: Sax.
Pop-rock with a Kraan feel, but not many instrumental stunts.


VeraBra CD: No. 23.
  • Sapiens
  • Gamelan
  • Humanimal Chat
  • Humanimal Talk
  • Dinner for Three
  • Lieblingslied
  • DUV
  • Mooloo
  • Café d'Art
P 1988.
Hellmut Hattler : 6 and 8 string basses
Torsten DeWinkel: Guitar.
with Joo Kraus: Keys & trumpet, Ingo Bischof: Keys, Joel Rosenblatt: Drums, Billy Ward: Drums, Nana Vasconcelos: Percussion a.o..
Jazz Fusion, all instrumental, strong Kraan feel, Kraan themes are used at least in Dinner for three (= Dinner for two on Kraan Live 88) and Lieblingslied. Mooloo was a year later (1989) released on Kraan: Dancing in the Shade as Kraan Mooloo.

  • Hellmuth Hattler and Joo Kraus made their own duo in 1991 called Tab Two that has released 7 albums. The first under the name Hattler - Kraus: Mind Movie.
    On 'Mind Movie' are two tunes from Kraan Live 88, Dinner for three (= Dinner for two Also found on DeWinkelHattler:Humanimal talk), Kunst House (= Kunststück). There is a certain Kraan feel to the music on this album.
    On the second album 'Space Case' is one tune from DeWinkelHattler : Humanimal talk - Lieblingslied. On the latest 'Between Us' (tune: Get There II ) there is a loan from Heartware's Jungle.

    The official Tab two website is edited by Hellmut's son Max Hattler.

    Another nice Tab Two fan site can be found here.

    Tab Two