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Back of cd from the EMI release here

The CD itself ( ein spiegeleier)

This EMI release (2000) has a booklet with photos, info, etc. !

Recorded in Munich May 1972.
  • Sarah's Ritt durch den Schwarzwald
  • M.C.Escher
  • Kraan Arabia
  • Head
  • Sarah auf der Gänzwies

    Bonus on the re-release from EMI:
  • Sarah's Ritt durch den Schwarzwald (Demo 1971)
  • M.C.Escher (Demo 1971)
  • Head (Demo 1971)
  • Sarah auf der Gänzwies (Demo 1971)
Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar, vocal
Johannes Alto Pappert : sax
Jan Fride : drums
Romi Schickle: Organ on track 2 & 4
The EMI re-releases 2001

The Andy Nogger cover-back (first 1000 prints) has an error.
If you have this, send a mail to EMI mail here, and they might send you a new corrected cover .
  Released on:

Spiegelei LP 160.605 or 28778-9U
Intercord LP: 28 778-9U
Gatefold/Spiegelei-GER/72 (?)
Germanofon 941116
EMI Electrola 7243 8 22668 2 2


Recorded in Munich Nov-Dec 1972.
  • Silver Wings
  • Mind Quake
  • Backs
  • Gut und Richtig
  • Wintrup
  • Jack Steam
  • * Fat Mr. Rich (aka Jack Steam, 1971 Demo) bonustrack on EMI CD-rerelease 2001
  Released on:

Spiegelei 160.603 or 28 523-9U
Intercord LP: 28 523-9U
Gatefold/Spiegelei-GER/73 (?)
Germanofon 941114
EMI Electrola 7243 8 22669 2 1

Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar, vocal
Johannes Alto Pappert : sax
Jan Fride : drums


Recorded July 1974.
  • Stars
  • Andy Nogger
  • Nam Nam
  • Son of the Sun
  • Holiday am Marterhorn
  • Home
  • Yellow Bamboo

  Released on:

Spiegelei 160.603
Gull GULP 1009
Passport PPSD-98006
Intercord CD: IRS 986.934
Intercord-Spiegelei 155 600 I
EMI Electrola 7243 8 22670 2 7

The Passport-release is sligthly differently mixed, more ambience, bass a little more in the foreground. Cover is identical.

Achim Helge Winkelmeier reports (2010): "On the US Passport pressing of "Andy Nogger" the channels are reversed"
  Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar, vocal
Johannes Alto Pappert : sax
Jan Fride : drums

Achim Helge Winkelmeier reports (2010):
A British "Andy Nogger" test pressing. The cover is identical to the regular UK version, but the record itself has pink labels which are smaller than usual:
Andy Nogger test


Original cover - click for large photo

Middle part of d.LP, here scanned from EMI-booklet
This EMI release (2000) has a booklet with many photos, info, etc. !

British release - click to see the backside
of this decent cover :-)
Good liner notes.

Recorded Live in Berlin 1974.
  • Jerk of Life
  • Nam Nam
  • Holiday am Marterhorn (incl. Gipfelsturm)
  • Sarah's Ritt durch den Schwarzwald
  • Andy Nogger
  • Andy Nogger / Gutter King
  • Lonesome Liftboy
  • Kraan Arabia
Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar, vocal
Johannes Alto Pappert : sax
Jan Fride : drums

Tommy Goldschmidt : occasional congas, percussion.

Released on:

Spiegelei 160.600 (DLP)
Gull GUD 2001/2 (Decca)
Intercord CD: IRS 986.935
(dbl-LP on 1 CD)
Intercord-Spiegelei: 155 601 I
EMI Electrola 7243 8 22671 2 6

Interesting detail about promo LP:
Achim Helge Winkelmeier wrote:There exist a white label promo copy of the first record of Kraan's 1974 classic "Live". It contains the same tracks as the official record, but there is a big surprise right at the beginning of "Jerk of Life", which is normally announced with "Wir heißen Kraan und fangen jetzt an" heard during applause.
On this promo LP there is NO applause in the beginning and Hellmut announces the song with "Wir spielen jetzt noch ein ganz, ein kürzeres, ganz Frisches vom Peter, ganz frisch und kurz", before the opening riff starts.

So: A promo LP with something differing from the official release.

European cover (front)

Cover of the USA release


Recorded in Wintrup 1975.
  • Bandits in the Woods*
  • Luftpost*
  • Degado*
  • Prima Klima*
  • Let it Out*
  • Die Maschine
  • Heimweh nach Übersee
  • Picnic International
  Released on:

Spiegelei 160.602 or 26 542-1 U
Gull GULP 1013
Intercord CD: IRS 986.950
Intercord-Spiegelei 155 602 I
Germanofon 941115 (bootleg cd label)

Passport records PPSD-98015 - *mix different from european version - read here!
EMI Electrola 7243 8 22672 2 5
Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar, vocal
Johannes Alto Pappert : sax
Jan Fride : drums
Ingo Bischof : keys
Jan Fride : drums

American test pressing of Kraan's "Let it out" LP
. ->

Side 1 of this test pressing was made with the same stamper as the commercially available LP from 1976, while for side 2 they used a different stamper than for the official release. It is a little louder than the latter and in several places the mix seems to be a bit different from the Passport LP. I assume they were still tryng to find the right balance and (instrumental) volumes.

Info: Achim Helge Winkelmeier




Pressrelease from the release of Wiederhören 1977.

Remastered and re-released in march 2000 by Fünfundvierzig (Indigo distribution) look here for photos.

Wiederhören as MC cassette

Released in February 1977

Recorded in Hamburg November/December 1976
Side A 1,4 and B 1,2 recorded at Rüssl-Studios, Hamburg Side A 2,3 and B 3,4 recorded at Conny's Studio, Neunkirchen .
  • wiederhoren, Insideout 2005Just One Way
  • Vollgas Ahoi
  • Silky Way
  • Rendezvous in Blue
  • Let's take a Ride
  • Rund um die Uhr
  • Yaqui Yagua
  • Wiederhören

  • Bonus track on the Insideout release 2005:
    Ein Wiederhören Mit Einem Bass Solo (Live At Fellbach) 19:28

  Released on:

Harvest 064-32 110
Gee Bee Dee GBD 0036
Intercord CD: IRS 986.932
Boots/Gee Bee Dee 08-1870
Fünfundvierzig 105
Insideout (2005)
  Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar, vocal
Jan Fride : drums
Ingo Bischof : keys
Jan Fride : drums

Tommy Goldschmidt : congas, percussion on some tracks

Released on:

Spiegelei 155.600
Intercord 78 (INT 155.600)

2 LP sampler from 1977
No bonustracks

Side 1:
  • Let it out,
  • Nam Nam,
  • M.C. Escher,
  • Sahra auf der Gänswies
Side 2:
  • Bandits in the woods,
  • Stars, Backs,
  • Prima Klima
Side 3:
  • Holiday am Marterhorn,
  • Jerk of Life,
  • Degado,
  • Heimweh nach Übersee
Side 4:
  • Son of the Sun,
  • Wintrup,
  • Jack Steam,
  • Andy Nogger


Originally released on blue vinyl

Remastered and re-released in april 2000 by Fünfundvierzig (Indigo distribution) look here for photo of the cd with print.

Promomaterial pdf

Recorded 1978.
  • Far West
  • My brother said
  • Ausflug
  • Gayu Gaya
  • You're Right
  • Young King's Song
  • Buy Buy
  • Flyday
    Flyday again! (2005) - No drivers in the cars...

  Released on:

Harvest 1C 064-45 210
Intercord CD: IRS 986.931
Boots/Gee Bee Dee 08-1869
Fünfundvierzig 106 (2005)
  Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar
Ingo Bishof : keys
Udo Dahmen : drums

Remastered and re-released in june 2000 by Fünfundvierzig (Indigo distribution) Look here for photo of inlay.

Read the EMI pressrelease 1980 here

Read the pressrelease 2000 here

Recorded Live at 4 venues in W.Germany 1979.
  Released on:

Harvest 1C 064-45 931
Boots/Gee Bee Dee 08-1871
Intercord CD: IRS 986.930
Fünfundvierzig 107
  Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar
Ingo Bishof : keys
Udo Dahmen : drums

Remastered and re-released in june 2000 by Fünfundvierzig (Indigo distribution) Look here for photo of inlay 1982. (97kb)

Look here for photo of inlay rerelease.

Read the press release 2000 here

Die neue Kraan
From the booklet of the Insideout release 2005 (Click for larger version)

Recorded in Berlin 1982.
  • Wintruper Echo
  • Faust 2000
  • Elfenbein
  • Nachtfahrt
  • Playing for You
  • Viel zu Heiss
  • Normal
  • Paper Stars
  • Luna Park
  • Bonus Track on the Insideout release 2005:
    The Daily Blues 05:02 (sung by Gerry Brown)

Lyrics here

  Released on:

Boots/Gee Bee Dee 08-1872
Intercord CD: IRS 986.933
Fünfundvierzig 108 (2005)
  Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar
Ingo Bischof : keys
Gerry Brown : drums
Jan Fride : drums on 1,5,6.


Recorded in Berlin 1982.
Maybe the only known 45 rpm...?
  • Wintruper Echo... 4.29
  • Faust 2000 ... 3.53
Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar
Ingo Bischof : keys
Gerry Brown : drums

Released on:

Boots Vertrieb 01-1011

Cover inlay 1 90 kb
Cover inlay 2 60 kb

Released on:

Gee Bee Dee Boots 16-1873

Released 1983.
Includes 3 bonus tracks, 1 of these tunes is later released on "The famous years compiled".
These bonus tracks are worth the album !

(DLP sampler)

"84 min. 22 sec. KRAAN Musik
16 Instrumental Stücke
Davon 3 bischer nicht veröffentlicht."
  • Berliner Ring
  • Weltweit
  • Kaffeefahrt


Recorded 1983.

  • Nice Try
  • No Problem
  • (Watch what) You Say
  • Almost Close
  • Night has a Way
  • You Say (so I dont)
This EP (short LP) lacks some Kraan notabilities, and sounds somewhat different than other Kraan albums.

  Released on:

Teldec LP: 66.23241-01-2
  Hellmut Hattler : bass
Ingo Bischof : keys
Gerry Brown : drums
Eef Albers : guitar
Mark McMillen : vocal


Cover and photos from the new 'Fünfundvierzig' rerelease.

Read the press release 2000 here

live 88
Insideout deluxe release 2005

Released 1988.
Recorded Live in Berlin, on Oct.19th. 1987.

  • Rush Hour
  • Dinner for Two
  • Vollgas Ahoi
  • You're Right
  • Wintruper Echo
  • Nam Nam
  • Holiday am Marterhorn
  • Air Bass (bass solo)
  • Nachtfahrt
  • Favorite Land
  • Jerk of Life
  • Kunststück
  • Kraan Arabia
  • Bonus on the Insideout release (2005):
    Ausflug 06:39

live 88 Insideout 2005
Insideout deluxe release 2005

  Released on:

Intercord CD: IRS 971.820 also released as DLP IRS 964.820
Fünfundvierzig 109
Insideout (2005)
  Hellmut Hattler : 6 and 8 string basses
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar, vocals
Joo Kraus : trumpet, EVI, keyboards
Jan Fride : drums


1990 PR-info about Dancing in the shade here as 110 kb picture.

Cover and photos from the new 'Fünfundvierzig' rerelease.

Read the press release 2000 here


Recorded in Illertissen 1989.
  • Rockets
  • Good Enough
  • Egyptian Cha Cha
  • Polarity
  • Dancing in the Shade
  • Banana Moon
  • Is this the Way
  • Middle East Beat
  • One Day
  • Kraan Mooloo * bonus track on cd-version
  • Soldier Drums * bonus track on cd-version
  Released on:

Intercord CD: IRS 986.921 also released as LP: Intercord IRS 951.921
Fünfundvierzig 110
  Hellmut Hattler : 6 & 8 string basses.
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar
Joo Kraus : tp, EVI, keys
Jan Fride : drums


Cover and photos from the new 'Fünfundvierzig' rerelease.


Recorded in 1991.
  • Weeyeea (different mix on sampler and on the re-release 2000)
  • Soul of Stone
  • Walking on Time
  • World of pleasure
  • Beat Hotel
  • Seven days
  • Famous People
  • Wenn die Kraaniche zieh'n
    (also on Hattlers: Bassball - different recording)

  • Wondergirl
  • Parachute
  • Ein Lied für die Königin

  Released on:

Intercord CD: IRS 986.948
Fünfundvierzig 110
  Hellmut Hattler : bass
Peter Wolbrandt : guitar
Joo Kraus : tp, EVI, keys
Jan Fride : drums

Readable pictures of inlay cover here ~150 kb

Includes 1 of the bonus tracks, previously released only on "2 Schallplatten".
The albums "Tournee" and "Kraan : X"   are not represented here.


Recorded in 1998 .
  • Rockets (Dancing in the shade 1989)
  • Stars (Andy Nogger 1974)
  • Bandits in the woods (Let it out 1975)
  • Just one way (Wiederhören 1977)
  • Wintruper Echo (Nachtfart 1982)
  • Weeyeya (Soul of stone 1991 - different mix ! )
  • Kraan Arabia '88 (Live 1988)
  • Wintrup (Wintrup 1972)
  • Ausflug (Flyday 1978)
  • Berliner Ring (2 Schallplatten1983)
  • Andy Nogger (Andy Nogger 1974)
  • Jerk of life (Live 1975)
  • Nam Nam (Live 1975)
  • Sarah auf der Gänzwies (Kraan 1972)
  Released on:
IRS INT 8 22581 2 (CD)


Read the pressrelease here

Produced by kraan for bassball recordings,
  bassballKraan Live 2001

01 let it out     6' 27"
02 borgward     8' 31"
03 let's take a ride     5' 17"
04 hallo jaja - i don't know     7' 36"
05 vollgas ahoi     6' 02"
06 dinner for two     1' 34"
07 far west     4' 24"
08 yaqui yagua     7' 19"
09 jerk of life     4' 18"
10 nam nam     14' 28"
11 andy nogger     3' 54"
total playing time     69' 58"

  01 - 06 recorded at the herzberg festival 6/'00 by daniel schindler
07 - 11 recorded at the international donau festival ulm 6/'00 by juergen schlachter on the occasion of kraan's 30th anniversary in 2001
peter wolbrandt: guitar and vocals
ingo bischof: keyboards
jan fride: drums
hellmut hattler: bass and vocals
The title 'Kraan Live 2001' is not an error.

Kraan Live was recorded in 74 and released in 75, Kraan Tournee was recorded in 79 and released in 80, and Kraan Live 88 was recorded in 87 and even titled 88 - so 'logically' a Kraan Live album recorded in 2000 had to be titled Kraan live 2001. Are you confused ?



The back of the cover + CD

The inside

  bassballBerliner Ring - releasedate september 24. 2001
Available from
A fine album consisting of only bonustracks !

The covergraphics you see here has kindly been provided by the designer Ulrich Jagusch, and they do not necessarily represent the 'final cuts'.

01 berliner ring - 02 kaffeefahrt - 03 mein gold # - 04 enimo mine - 05 weltweit - 06 hemden im wind#
- 07 komm tanz # - 08 paranorm (*/hamburg)$ - 09 nice try (*dto.)$ - 10 eef's tune (*dto.)$# - 11
dancing in the shade (*/kiel) 11. Koffein (live)12. Filz & Fett (live).

The track order of succesion might differ from the above.


Recorded in Jan Frides homestudio on 8 tracks.

Special edition, february 2004,
in dts (5.1 surround sound) !
Read more and order:

bassballKRAAN: Through Recorded in 2002.

    peter wolbrandt: guitar and vocals
    ingo bischof: keyboards
    jan fride: drums
    hellmut hattler: bass

Pre-Review here:
Label: EMI 2007

peter wolbrandt: guitar and vocals
ingo bischof: keyboards
jan fride: drums
hellmut hattler: bass and vocals

  Kraan - psychedelic man (23. march 2007)

01. come back 3:02
02. silver buildings 4:40
03. dakkar 3:53
04. miracle days 3:16
05. luft und liebe 3:37
06. psychedelic man 4:15
07. inner cycle 5:20
08. disbanned shake 3:56
09. colourcave 6:44
10. alles gute 3:09
11. feierabend 6:15

(download) bonus track: 12. inuit minuet 5:08
  From Kraan A4 flyer 16.2.07
Psychedelic man (flyer)

K R A A N - p s y c h e d e l i c m a n:
Psychedelic men (psyched by Jan Fride)Auf der Suche nach dem musikalischen Geheimnis der seit dem Jahr 2000 wieder aktiven Gruppe KRAAN (die erste Phase reichte mit Unterbrechungen von 1970 bis 1992, die ersten 5 Alben gibt’s im EMI-Katalog) und ihrem neuen Studioalbum „Psychedelic Man“ muss man Intentionen und künstlerische Philosophie der vier Bandmitglieder verstehen. Ihre Songs glänzen durch eine nur schwer zu beschreibende Mischung aus entspannter, fast lasziver Atmosphäre und gleichzeitig pulsierender Dynamik, sie bestehen aus Rock, Jazz, Fusion und Ethno und klingen dennoch jederzeit eindeutig, liefern hier eine fein gesponnene Beatles-Impression („Miracle Days“), dort eine brachiale Hendrix-Assoziation („Disbanned Shake“), oder sie vermitteln gar Lounge-Feeling („Inner Cycle“). Manchmal fasziniert ein magischer Groove in Verbindung mit signifikanten Bass-Spiel und einer geradezu weltentrückt
gespielten Gitarre, manchmal ein Stück durch seinen eher lautmalerischen Gesang, eine ungewöhnlich Hookline oder eine raffinierte Keyboardpassage, meistens aber durch all diese Einzelkomponenten zusammen.
Solche Beschreibungen treffen nicht nur auf die bisherigen Alben der Gruppe zu, sondern erneut und – fast erscheint es so – mehr denn je auch auf „Psychedelic Man“, der 2. Studioarbeit nach ihrem‚Comeback’. ->

Der erste Eindruck suggeriert ‚typisch KRAAN’, die genauere Analyse führt dann automatisch zu der Erkenntnis, dass es zugleich absolut zeitgemäß klingt. Man spürt die Lockerheit, den unverkrampften Spiel-Spaß, die künstlerische Offenheit. Man hört, dass sich Gitarrist Peter Wolbrandt immer wieder von neuen englischen Bands inspirieren lässt, entdeckt rhythmische Feinheiten, die unverkennbar auf Jan Fride’s Erfahrungen mit Drum´n`Bass hindeuten, genießt Hellmut Hattler’s intelligentes und unnachahmliches Bass-Spiel oder die brillanten Keyboardpassagen eines Ingo Bischof. Kurzum, „Psychedelic Man“ ist ein Meisterwerk, wie aus einem Guss und eigentlich gar nicht so psychedelisch, wie Titel und Cover verheißen mögen, eher farbig bis in kleinste Nuancen. Die Special Edition enthält auf der Bonus-DVD einen mitreißenden und bisher unveröffentlichten 2005er-Festival- Auftritt mit zahlreichen Klassikern aus der KRAAN-Historie!

Live at Finkenbach festival 2005
Label: EMI 2007

Kraan: Live at Finkenbach festival 2005 DVD (2007)

peter wolbrandt: guitar and vocals
ingo bischof: keyboards
jan fride: drums
hellmut hattler: bass and vocals

01. Yaqui Yagua
02. Vollgas Ahoi
03. Kraan Arabia
04. Hallo Ja Ja
05. Borgward
06. Nam Nam

Goes with the special edition release of Psychedelic man (march 2007).


Diamonds01 AKUA
08 CLUB 20
Neulich in der Steiermark!
To be pre-released in March 2010.... (Label: Indigo)
Kraan re-release information

If you surf the net to find the Kraan re-relases, you will notice that some shops advertise US imports and Japanese imports of the Kraan re-releases from the German label Fünfundvierzig (Wiederhören -> Soul of stone).

BUT: All re-releases are produced and remastered in Germany.

What you observe is :

1. Shops advertise stuff they dont stock, but order immidiately from "Fünfundvierzig" when you place your order in their shop. Sometimes the shops order them from other online shops that have a deal with "Fünfundvierzig", meaning the prices will differ widely, because everybody needs a share.
Choose what is most practical and reasonable to you. Time, tax, customs and postage has to be taken in concideration too.

2. The "US imports" goes to the american distributor from "Fünfundvierzig", and then some find their ways back again to europe as US import.

3. The Japanese Imports goes from "Fünfundvierzig" to "Captain Trip" in Japan, that renumbers them and relabels them for the Japanese market - and then some go back to europe as Japanese imports. If you are a collector this might be interesting, but the soundquality is the same.

In brief:
All re-released Kraan-cd's (from Wiederhören and forward) are made in Germany by the small independant label "Fünfundvierzig".
From late 2003, will manufacture and sell them.

For the EMI re-releases (Kraan: Kraan & Kraan: Live) I have no info on this matter, yet.


In search for Kraan albums second hand you could go to the linkspage

Other known recordings (not released as official albums) has moved here