Sorry, we cannot sell it anymore.
This website have 30. november 99 recieved the following note
from Walter Holzbauer/Wintrup musikverlag:

"you're selling illegal product which is owned by intercord/emi records and wintrup musikverlag. You have to stop this immediately and in your personal interest you should talk to me within the next 24 hours (tel. germany(49) 05231-92530. if you don't contact within 24 hours I have to advise the IFPI to stop your activities."

Therefore we have stopped the production and sale of the album. We are sorry but it's the cold facts. Below you can see what the story is about, if you did not know..

2-CDR. Previously unreleased material.

Disc 1: *Hallo Ja Ja *Borgward *Far West *Yaqui Yagua *Nam Nam
Disc 2: *You're Right *Almrausch (with a long adventurous bass solo) *Let it Out
*Andy Nogger *Vollgas Ahoi (this tune is not complete, fades out...)
Time: 2x45min.

Peter Wolbrandt: guitar, vocal
Ingo Bishof: keyboards
Hellmut Hattler: bass, vocal
Udo Dahmen: drums
Recorded live in the audience, "Saltlageret" Copenhagen, Denmark, on Nov.11, 1979 with Sennheiser Kunstkopf-system. Remastered by Skiold.
Coverlayout by Peter Wolbrandt .


"Mir hat es immer sehr viel Spaß gemacht, für die wilden Dänen zu spielen. Besonders in
Copenhagen hatte ich öfters das Gefühl, eher eine Party zu feiern, als ein Konzert zu geben".
Peter Wolbrandt 1999

Customers feedback:

Stephen Cork (England):"To be honest, this CD is fantastic. I had it loud in the car and just LOVE Hellmuts bass solo! Better than the one on Kraan Live 88, I think."
Christian Zey (Germany):"Sehr professionell gemacht, wunderschönes Konzert." (Done very professionally, beautifull gig.)
Bob Baumann (New York): "Worth every penny of the purchase price."