Kraan Backstage 1987 DVD production

Next time you attend a Kraan concert, you should notice if drummer Jan Fride has a DVD for sale called "Backstage - Kraan on tour 1987" - a crazy and interesting production, but maybe mostly for diehard fans.
Its a lowbudget DVD, not cinemascope, no 3D surround, produced by Jan Fride and not for sale in shops or online.

It contains:

1. A 50 minutes "documentary" about tourlife with Kraan, not much music. Mostly crazy backstage insanities reminding me of Frank Zappa's 200 motels.

2. A 20 minutes 8 mm black& white footage of an outdoor concert (Kraan jamming) in Graaf Metternich's castle park. Graaf Metternich is the guy who provided free shelter to Kraan when they lived in Wintrup. I am told that this footage is from his birthday in 1975.

3. Some crazy backstage minutes shot after 2000.

The above clip is on youtube:

Kraan & friends entertaining at Graaf Metternichs birthday party 1975 (?) at Wintrup castle park (?)